“We understand the need to be different, modern, and provide our guests with more than just a meal.”

–  Marin Rendić –

Knowledge, constant inspiration, and a good work ethic are the attributes of this exceptional chef, who managed to learn from the best – Noma in Kopenhagen, the best restaurant in the world, and Arzak in San Sebastian, 9th restaurant in the world in 2010.

Chef Marin Rendić






Chef & owner


Who is Marin Rendić?


In Croatia many will recognize him as the culinary expert from various television cooking shows such as Masterchef and Grill Boss, but he is also well-known outside the regional boundaries where he managed to establish himself as the top chef with work experience in the world's most elite restaurants, some even marked with three Michelin stars.

He gathered his experience in almost every part of the world – from Noma restaurant in Copenhagen to Arzak in San Sebastian and Enotecha Pinchiorri in Florence, and soon a trip to Mugaritz will take place – all renowned restaurants which are considered to be the Top10 fine-dining destinations on the planet.

After gathering all the knowledge and perfecting his culinary skills, in 2010. Marin opened his own place called Pepenero, in a hotel Villa Cittar in Novigrad, a restaurant which soon received the invitation to join the prestigious European association of young chefs and restaurant owners Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe. He also participated in many different projects, such as a consulting role he had at the Time restaurant which managed to retrieve, in a short time-span, all the previous glory and reputation it once had.

Open towards the guests and cheerful, but also professional, this respected executive chef will enchant your senses, both visually and taste-wise, by using an atypical combination of ingredients to create the perfect plate.

Recently, Marin took over the bistro Apetit, where he offers his guests the versatility of modern cuisine, reaching all the way to the molecular gastronomy, and not hiding his philosophical and culinary idea of tradition as the source of creativity in the kitchen.

It all started in the first grade of high school, when he prepared a perfect meal, but using his own version of the recipe, for which he was punished in the end. Even back then he knew he wanted to cook differently and create something special.


Bistro Apetit

 by Marin Rendić


An exceptional and modern combination of food, drinks, and hedonism. Pleasant atmosphere, professional staff and renowned chef Marin Rendić will certainly provide you with an unforgettable gastro experience. Many years of passion and love for the creation of culinary sensation in an inspirational ambience, are transformed into a story which preserves the status of Bistro Apetit as one of the best Croatian restaurants. With chef Marin Rendić, we are continuing to follow the trend of integrated gastronomic experience, which combines culinary virtuosity and enological superiority into an interesting ambience, and turns every gastro adventure into a unique experience you won't be able to forget any time soon. Chef Marin knows how to preserve the taste of ingredients, his cooking skills are modern, flavors harmonic, and communication with guests is direct and pleasant.




Matija Ivančić – the new sommelier of the iconic bistro Apetit in Zagreb


Intrigued by wine and stories around it, Matija Ivančić, started dreaming about making a respectable sommelier career ever since he finished Catering and Tourism high school. Today he is an exceptional sommelier of renowned bistro Apetit.

It all began when Matija enrolled in a sommelier course, and an additional waiter-sommelier specialist course, both in Zagreb, where he was introduced with Klaudio Jurčić, his sommelier idol, and one of the best sommeliers not only in Croatia, but also on the international level at the time. Matija managed to learn a lot from him and get encouraged to keep perfecting his sommelier skills.

Another acquiantance proved to be important in the sommelier career of Matija Ivančić, and that is the one with the famous Masterchef Marin Rendić. They worked together in Time restaurant where they managed to achieve a certain level of mutual trust and respect. Together, Matija as a sommelier and Marin as an executive chef, created a positive and pleasant working atmosphere, as well as the pleasant ambience for the guests, which certainly contributed to the revival of Time. That mutual understanding and compatibility in the sense of business philosophy, is what Marin and Matija will try to carry over to the bistro Apetit, with even more passion and knowledge.

Marin about Matija:

"I met Matija accidentally and he managed to leave an impression of the man I want to work with. He is the person who lives his job and who shares the same gastro vision as me – and that is the one of a satisfied guest."

As he likes to say, he is not led by the principle of reading the minds of his guests, but tries instead to educate them and present them with wine that perfectly matches a certain meal.  Matija himself is also a big fan of good food, and he respects quality and freshness of the ingredients, which only makes it easier for him to combine food and wine.

He was the one to create the unique wine chart of bistro Apetit, in coordination with wine partners of the bistro. Although he likes both domestic and foreign wine etiquettes, he finds foreign wine makers more meticulous and precise in the process of wine-making, which, in the end, makes for fewer oscillations in the quality of wine.

To the guests, who are just getting to know the traditional cuisine of this region, Matija usually recommends wines from the Zagreb wine region, but always in such a way that they carefully accompany the flavors and aromas of each bite taken.





First impression

Ribeye tartare (45 days dry-aged)

Bistro Apetit Classic

Marinated Kvarner scampi

Orange, beetroot, lime

Beef carpaccio

Microgreens, gorgonzola piccante

Fish carpaccio

Pomegranate and Granny Smith Apple gel, aceto balsamico pearls, microgreen


Salt baked beetroot, radish, lemon pea and carrot emulsion

Tuna ceviche

Mango, fennel, baby spinach, onion marinated in beetroot and apple juice

“Remember that a very good sardine is always preferable to a not that good lobster.”

– Ferran Adrià –




Home made shrimp ravioli

Basil foam and pesto, shrimp bisque

Grana padano and cauliflower rissoto

Poached egg yolk, black truffles

Cuttlefish ragout

Basil polenta, Grana Padano foam

Homemade tagliatelle

Beef tail ragout, pea foam

Kvarner scampi risotto

Black Slavonian pig lardo, black truffle

“If it’s not tasty, it can’t be on the menu.”

– Heston Blumenthal –



Something warm

Pumpkin and scampi soup

Scampi, scampi foam, black tulie

Pappa al Pomodoro

Tuscan tomato soup

Soup of the day

Daily selection by Chef

Unforgetable moment

Beef cheaks on spreed

Carrots, pistachio, meat jus

Duck breast

Toasted polenta, caramelized beetroot, zucchini

Ribeye by Meat the King (45 days dry aged )

Sunchoke cream, marinated onion, meat and Port jus

Tuna steak

Curry lentil, black garlic

First class fish fillet

Spinach, chickpeas, seashells jus

Poached lobster

Blue potato, lobster bisque, fennel foam

“Contemporary cuisine is not just about the ingredients — it's also about the quality of the ideas.“

– Massimo Bottura –



Degustation menu Chef Marin Rendić

5 courses

7 courses


“Fine dining is an occasional treat for most people.“

– René Redzepi –


Wine list

I do most of the cooking in my head.

– Alain Ducasse –


Online reservation





Bistro Apetit, Jurjevska 65 A, Zagreb

T: +385 1467 7335

E: info@bistroapetit.com


Tuesday-Sunday 10.00. – 24.00.

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I do most of the cooking in my head.