One-of-a-kind gastro experience in Bistro Apetit



Over the years, and under the previous owners, bistro Apetit managed to attain a distinguished position on the gastro scene in the capital and gain the status of somewhat of a cult restaurant. Now, with the new chef-patron Marin Rendić in charge, the goal of a re-opened bistro Apetit is to further raise the culinary standards, and present the guests with something different and innovative.


Exciting flavors and aromas, as well as modern culinary methods, introduced by the famous Croatian chef Marin Rendić, will certainly show you new ways of enjoying your food.  He recently decided to take over the bistro Apetit, after expanding his culinary horizons in some of the most exclusive restaurants around the globe, such as Noma in Copenhagen and Arzak in San Sebastian (1st and 9th restaurant in the world, 2010), and hosting and participating in national culinary TV shows like MasterChef and Grill Boss.


Marin's cuisine is not just tasty; it's also entertaining and fun. Some would say it’s because of the creative way of presenting handpicked and ever fresh ingredients, whereas others would attribute it to his modern culinary skills. It is in reality a combination of both, “spiced” with just a pinch of tradition.


Therefore, if you are visiting or staying in Zagreb, and you are in search of a fine-dining destination that will provide you with a true sense of local cuisine, search no more. Bistro Apetit offers you a unique gastro experience built around delicious specialties and delicacies, all perfectly paired with some of the best domestic and foreign wines recommended by the renowned sommelier Matija Ivančić.


Visit bistro Apetit in the peaceful residential area of Jurjevska Street, just north of the charming medieval part of town Gradec, and treat yourself, and your company, with the best dining experience in Zagreb.