Bistro Apetit invites you to continue this summer together in Zagreb!

In addition to numerous novelties prepared by our team, one of the first gastronomy-oenology adventures takes us to the French valley of the River Marne, home of the Heucq Pere & Fils champagnes, which we will proudly present to you on 3rd September. A third generation of winemakers from Cuisles stands behind this well reputed name, in the heart of the valley of the River Marne. The main type of wine here is the Pinot Muenier, which you can find in most champagnes you will be able to at the dinner. The menu for this dinner was a special professional challenge for our chef Goran Kočiš, who created a series of original dishes for a course that is perfectly in tune with the best bottles of champagne Heucq Pere & Fils.

Join us on Thursday, 3rd September at 08.00 p.m.
You can make a reservation today already since the number of reservations is limited.

Your Bistro Apetit

Champagne Heucq Pere & Fils Menu
• Crispy quail
Heucq Pere & Fils Welcome Champagne
• Scallops with forest mushrooms and pork chips
Heucq Pere & Fils Blanc de Blancs
• Black tiger shrimp cappellacci with shrimp bisque and pork rinds (čvarci)
Heucq Pere & Fils Rosé
• Beef sweetbreads, lard and liquid foie gras
Heucq Pere & Fils Brut Tradition
• Black Slavonia Pork
Heucq Pere & Fils Originel
• Sponge cake Armagnac