Bistro Apetit invites you to experience the best of Pag island, refined wines of Boskinac winery and exclusive menu inspired by Pag

Our great gastro-oenological adventure at the most beautiful terrace in the city is continued with the world famous small winery from the island of Pag – Boškinac.

The spirit of Pag region reaches its maximum in wines that have been amazing both domestic and foreign sommeliers for years. Likewise, three years ago they have completely amazed the great Anthony Bourdaine, who did not hesitate to reveal his enthusiasm in his extremely popular gastro-travelogue “No Reservations”.

At this exclusive dinner, we shall skilfully connect Boškinac wines with carefully designed “Pag” menu, which contains only the most exciting and freshest ingredients.

See you on Thursday, May 14 at 20 pm and don`t forget to book your table as early as today.

Your Bistro Apetit



Welcome snacks

Pag lamb Carpaccio
Boškinac Ocu 2012

“Kanaštrele” crabs Mousse
Boškinac Grande Cuvée 2010

Spicy octopus salad
Boškinac Rožolj 2012

Lamb from Pag
Boškinac Cab/Mer 2011

Pag Tiramisu
Boškinac Prošek

Big surprise at the end.