Fall in love with haute cuisine at Bistro Apetit this Valentine’s Day!


Treasure your loved one, celebrate the elation of new love or treat your crush to a menu curated with love by our chef Teo Ivanišević.

Prepare for sheer thrill when you taste the exquisite wine selected with pleasure by our sommelier Ivica Verić.

Valentine’s Day comes round only once a year and to make it truly special we will welcome you with a glass of champagne, and ladies will be gifted a rose:)

See you February 14

Yours truly
Bistro Apetit


Mullet escabeche
Grapefruit, orange and lemon relish
Chive, fermented black garlic
Olive oil

Chicken wings
Roman-style gnocchi, morels
Chicken emulsion
Crispy cauliflower

Seppie al nero
Soft white polenta
Spring onion, radish, chive

Souse vide veal belly
Jerusalem artichoke puree and chips
Veal jus

Sweet milk mousse, candied mint
Orange compote
Chia seeds meringue

The most cheerful night of the year in Bistro Apetit


Bistro Apetit invites you

to spend the most cheerful night of the year with the fireworks of flavour at the top of the city!
Join us on 31 December in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere with our delicious menu and
luxurious wine card with an impressive selection of champagnes.
We will start the evening with a welcome drink, Barons de Rothschild Brut, an extraordinary glass of champagne,
and then slowly guide you through an exceptional gastronomic feast.
The number of seats is limited, so we encourage you not to leave the reservation
for the last moment.
Yours, Bistro Apetit


Foie gras torchon
Brown butter mayonnaise
Plum confit

Shrimp ragout
White grapes, chanterelles, potato cream
Pata negra

Duck confit, truffle
Chestnut cream

Home made tortellini with ricotta and pistachio
Pear in tokaj
Grilled duck breast
Veal jus

Spanish rib eye
Smoked quail egg, chanterelles

Chocolate ganache
Raspberry cream, hazel sponge
White chocolate white cream

Gastronomic experience in Bistro Apetit


Bistro Apetit is inviting you

to a new gastronomic experience before Christmas, with a specially created menu that will be served only from 22 to 24 December.

Start a festive celebration a bit earlier and continue in the best possible mood, enjoying the best time of the year.

Make your reservation as soon as possible.

Note: on Christmas Eve we are open until 5 pm.

Your Bistro Apetit

Sardine ceviche
Dried Cod pate
Pickled sea fennel
Lemon foam

Black inck ravioli stuffed with ricotta chese and saffron
Pan fried Adriatic squid
Bisque, cauliflower

Turkey confit
Homemade flat bread
White wine and horseradish sauce

Apple 3’s
Homemade mini donut

December in Bistro Apetit


Bistro Apetit would like to invite you

to spend your most important private moments and business events in December enjoying a special atmosphere in the upper city. We will work together to turn your ideas and needs into a unique experience of this holiday season.

The end of another exciting year is upon us and we would like to invite you to ring in the New Year with us. May it be another successful business year, full of exciting gastronomic experiences.

Your Bistro Apetit


Dear guests,
so as to best present Tua Rita, a Tuscan wine producer, let us highlight two impressive facts: they are the first producers of the Italian vins de garage and the owners of the first Italian wine to have been awarded 100 points by Robert Parker (Redigaff from 2000).

Bistro Apetit brings you these award-winning organic wines, produced with minimum intervention,from the reputable areas in the south-west Tuscany.
In addition to presenting the Tua Rita wine producer, we will also offer a special menu, offering a new approach to fresh ingredients which will help accentuate the richness of these ‘super Tuscans’.
We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, 1st December, at 8 pm. Make your reservations today.
Your Bistro Apetit

Pan fried tuna with pepper
Eggplant babaganush
Homemade yogurt, sesame
Tua Rita Perlato del Bosco, Toscana Vermentino

Cream of egg
Toasted Brioche
Air dried Txogitxu beef
Tua Rita Rosso dei Notri 2015

Stuffed homemade raviol with ricotta cheese and spinach
Grana padano, egg yolk 64
Butter sauce, truffle
Tua Rita Perlato de Bosco 2014

Ribeye steak, blue cheese
Cauliflower cream
Tua Rita Giusto dei Notri 2013

Apple terrine
5 spice, brown butter
Vanilla ice cream


The world is your oyster

Shakespeare’s famous quote is the best inspiration for a little hedonism…
Croatian oysters and excellent Baron de Rothschild champagne…
on an irresistible terrace atop the city…
in informal, pleasant company…
from this Saturday, 15 October, by the end of the month.

See you there!

Bistro Apetit

Tom Gretić and Bistro Apetit proudly present the autumn menu on 21st of September


Bistro Apetit invites you

from 21 September, to discover the best autumn flavours and colours combined in the autumn menu of Chef Patron Tom Gretić, who will take you through it himself this Wednesday.

Tom has drawn inspiration for the new menu from fresh autumn ingredients, which tell a completely new story in his irresistible combinations.
Sweetcorn, mushrooms, pumpkins, blood sausages… just some of the familiar autumn components typical of Zagreb, from which he creates with ease gastronomic moments to remember.

Reserve your table today!

Only found in movies … and in Bistro Apetit!

As part of our celebrated participation in the FOOD FILM FESTIVAL Zagreb, our team fronted by Chef Patron Tomo Gretić has prepared a special menu inspired by the gourmet blockbuster Burnt which you may have seen, but certainly have not tasted.
You can sample impressive creations which were conceived in the movie by irresistible Bradley Cooper in his race for a third Michelin star, the backdrop is the most beautiful terrace in the city, from the 8th until 17th September.

Special menu inspired by the movie Burnt
Tataki – seared tuna, chick peas, yoghurt, asparagus
Veal sous vide, chanterelles, artichokes, beetroot
Black -white torte

Reserve your table today.
Yours, Bistro Apetit


Summer in Bistro Apetit! Summer Gin Days, 2nd -14th August

Along with chef-patron Tom Gretić’s unique dining concept, which you can enjoy all summer long, we present our SUMMER GIN DAYS, an exclusive programme running 2nd -14th August, when the restaurant’s summer schedule means it is open from 18:00 to 24:00. We aim to delight you with our unique versions of G&T , dreamed up by our master cocktail maker, Vjenceslav Mandić Kishoni.

Gin, the high society favourite, cocktail king and tipple of the legendary detective Philip Marlowe, is an absolute classic among alcoholic drinks. Find out why!

SUMMER GIN DAYS by Bistro Apetit & Acrobat present:

  • Gine Mare, from the cult La Costa Dorada distillery in Spain, evokes the Mediterranean spirit in two unique drinks – Mediterranean Duo Cocktail and Mojiterraneo Cocktail.
  • Roby Marton, with 11 unique flavours and aromas, is a gin which many connoisseurs number among the best in the world. You can try it in a prize-winning cocktail from Italy, Italian Mule, served in a can.
  • Blue Gin is made from a carefully controlled wheat crop, with an added 27 herbs and aromatic plants. Discover its qualities in our refreshing Gin Tonic Classic and Sloeberry Fizz.
  • Colombian Gin, the pride of Colombia, the only gin made from sugar cane, is stored in casks previously used to age rum. Explore the complexity of its flavours in a perfectly chilled glass of Pinky Gin Fizz.
  • Zuidam Dutch Courage Aged Gin is a must for all gin-lovers, with two centuries of tradition and a unique flavour. Try it along with the aroma of a winning cigar, to end a special evening in an unforgettable way.

We look forward to your visit.

Bistro Apetit



Tom Gretić and Bistro Apetit proudly present the summer menu on 27th of June

Bistro Apetit invites you to discover new dimensions of culinary adventures united in a summer menu created by our Chef Patron Tom Gretić who will to guide you in person on Monday, 27th of June.

Tom found inspiration for one of his best culinary creations in Zagreb and Bistro Apetit. It is a culmination of a long love between Bistro Apetit and Tom Gretić, formerly a frequent and esteemed guest.

Cheese and cream with duck prosciutto, rizi bizi risotto, veal a la Zagreb, octopus, goose liver parfait … there are even more surprises and Tom’s original interpretations in Bistro Apetit’s summer collection.

Reserve your place!